Your Guarantee for a sterile Pipetting System

RoboSTER contains low amounts of biocidal substances, as well as different tensides. By their specific mode of action bacteria, viruses and spores are eradicated within seconds and their remnants are removed from the liquid system.
RoboSTER is very effective against algal and fungal contamination. Most germs are completely destroyed within 30 seconds.
For pieces of information on the effectiveness against different microorganisms as well as the EN test certificates of Abbott Analytical, feel free to contact us. The high biological efficiency is proven according to European standards (successful tests according to EN 1275, 1276, 1500, 1650, 1656, 12791, 13623, 13697,13704, 13727, 14348, 14476). It fulfills the high requirements for the high-level disinfection (log 6).

Flyer RoboSTER

For further information, specifically questions about the integration into your target robotic system, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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