Bitburger Braugruppe

Fully automated facility for Clean-Up and enrichment of Genomic DNA out of differing sample material in Bitburger Braugruppes' Lab at the Bitburger Production Site

World-wide unique: parallel processing of several different DNA purification kits* of different vendors with partially differing protocols, efficiently scheduled.

Ideal to test new Kits.

World-wide unique: work-up of samples in a volume range of 20 – 6000µl within the same run, hence:

simultaneously doing 'normal' samples as well as doing an enrichment out of large volumes (limited by sample volume and work-up time)

DNA-clean-up and PCR-set-up (in 96 well PCR plates as well as in LightCycler® capillaries) in one comprehensive uninterrupted work-flow:

samples and all reagents are placed into the system according to the software's advices.

Finally the ready to use PCR-plate or capillary rack is being retrieved

Two was of introducing samples to the system:

a) out of screw-cap tubes being opened automatically and, during sampling, are being purged with CO2 to prevent oxygen interacting with the anaerobic samples;

b) open tubes for micro-organisms which are not sensitive to O2

LIMS-connection – sample work up by bar-code

All parameters (i.e. sample volume, kit type, reagent volumes, master-mix volume, etc.) are provided globally but can be adapted for each individual sample

*(based on magnetic particles)

Liquid handling with level tracking

We use level tracking while aspirate and dispense liquid.

Vortex system

We can vortex heavy rack whith heating or cooling.

Rack transport

We can handle heavy racks.

Tube (de)capper

We can (de)cap a high range of different tube types

Magnetic bead separation

We help you to get the best results.

Enhanced Safety Device

We help you to work very safe!

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