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Just in case you are working with cultivated cells:

Shouldnít your utmost concern be to assure a constant high degree of quality and reliability of the cultivated cells?

We think that this is absolutely correct and extremely important!

That is our demand, too, and one of the main reasons for us working in the field of automated cell culture. Exactly for this purpose CellOmation GmbH & Co. KG was founded by us, Dipl.-Ing. Frank Eisenberg and Dipl.-Biol. Horst Noecker. We work since many years in the laboratory automation field and were professionally constructing and maintaining cell culture systems in the past few years. Due to this experience we are totally convinced that cell culture machines must run very stable, deliver high yields of cells of the same high level of quality all the time and, having a high internal degree of flexibility, must be easily operated by the end user. Such an automated system shall streamline and standardize cell culture and free the staff from monotonous work tasks.

Itís all this you can expect from CellOmationís systems!

With each individual system we offer a wide portfolio of services which will enable you to rapidly start the routine production of your cells.

By these means you will be known as a reliable partner to your customers who can deliver a constant high cell quality.

If we caught your attention now we would be pleased to introduce us and our systems to you personally.

So Ė donít hesitate to contact us!